After 16 failed tries, a 48-year-old lady became a mom for the very first time


Louise, an Englishwoman, had long fantasized about experiencing the bliss of motherhood.

She saw the contented mothers who were strolling down the street with their children with such satisfaction.

But, it appeared that her body fought this blissful condition.

After discovering from the doctors that she wasn’t going to be capable of getting pregnant normally, the woman decided to IVF.

Yet because of a number of problems, the embryo failed to develop. Louise was given a total of 17 more opportunities.

Soon started to persuade the woman to adopt a child and accept things as it is, telling her that this is a physical trait of her body over which they have no influence.

She, however, refused to give up and pressed the physicians to perform their duties.

She spent roughly 80,000 pounds total on all of her tries, yet she still managed to defy the laws of nature and become pregnant at the age of 47.

As the pregnancy was still growing, she was constantly under the care of physicians and dreaded waking up each day for fear of experiencing yet another setback.

According to Louise, “I underwent a Caesarean section at 37 weeks since abnormalities with the body were discovered during the subsequent checkup.

My son William was born, and neither the doctors nor I could afford to take any chances.

His birth was painful for me, and this is worth something, therefore I am confident he will be a fantastic person.

She is really thankful to her doctor, Hassan Shehat, who helped and was at her side the entire time.

“I want to say to all the ladies who have been discouraged and have decided to stop trying to conceive.

You will succeed if you have self-assurance, Louise advises.

Only because of my tenacity do I now have a complete family, and every time I look into my son’s eyes, I never get weary of thanking God that I didn’t give up and insisted on having my own. It’s worth it, I assure you!