A woman who was homeless grabbed diners’ leftovers: She broke down in tears as the kind girl made a gesture


Typically, anticipating the holidays when individuals may gather with their friends and eat together is the most lovely and wonderful occasion.

Yet not everyone can afford to live such a comfortable life.

Most likely, some folks skipped holidays since they don’t have family or close friends to celebrate with.

Or even for those who are content to simply eat off of the leftovers of others on certain days.

Hence, during the holidays, Carmen Mendes, a gorgeous woman, went for a stroll and supper with her boyfriend.

She observed a homeless woman at the front entrance while they were waiting for their freshly prepared supper at a restaurant.

She was requesting that restaurants and travellers give her their leftovers.

Some people chose to ignore her, while others chose to pass her by while throwing their leftovers in front of her.

Carmen found the situation to be so moving that she chose to share her own, doing so with a smile and respect.

But, when she saw her at the entryway and gave her her food, she instantly felt as though she had done something incorrectly.

She had a great regard for them since, as Carmen had stated, she had worked with the homeless for a long time.

She invited the woman to sit down and eat a new supper since she was hungry after rapidly changing her mind.

Carmen asked the woman if she may have her meal and then placed an order for fresh chicken strips and fried potatoes.

The woman was very touched by the thoughtful act, which caused her to cry.

They then had a heartfelt hug.