A remarkable moment when a cute 5-year-old boy invited his classmate for his adoption ceremony


David Eaton and Andrea Melvin are a kind-hearted couple who had wanted kids for more than ten years.

They ultimately chose to adopt a kid because they were unable to have children of their own.

After more than a year in foster care, Andrea and Dave may now officially adopt the sweet kid who goes by the name of Michael Clark.

The kind young man inviting his classmates to participate in the unconventional and joyful adoption ceremony was the heartwarming moment.

Even his instructor, Ms. McKee, was eager to assist them in putting the plan into action.

For everyone involved, but especially for little Michael, it was an amazing occasion.

To show Michael their love and support, his classmates and the teacher created papers in the shape of hearts.

Through their compassionate gesture, they conveyed their excitement for Michael to live happily with her parents forever.

ABC News captured the sweet moments and the shining eyes of the young guy, who mentioned several times “I love my father”!

Dave then nodded in return to confirm that it was reciprocal.

The couple’s thoughtful act has thereby inspired many others.

The family found the special day to be a heartwarming and cherished occasion, and their story went viral on social media.

Michael’s new life is going to be happier and cooler with his adopted loving parents.

I’m so glad for them!