A mom breastfeeds her 4-year-old kid, and she doesn’t see anything strange about that


Recent years have seen a rise in social debate around breastfeeding.

No one seriously questions the natural and essential nature of this process.

But, modern moms are increasingly starting to lead busy lifestyles right after giving birth and are sometimes required to nurse their kids in front of others, in contrast to older mothers who typically took care of their infants behind closed bedroom doors.

Australia’s Katherine Clarke, however, gained not only fame for her willingness to show others how to breastfeed, but also for other reasons.

After publishing an image of her son Ryder online, the mom received a barrage of vitriol.

Even though the kid is now four years old, his mother still breastfeeds him and sees it as completely natural.

The woman was inundated with angry remarks from onlookers; some even referred to her as a pervert.

But she made the decision that her kid should make his own decisions on how long he needed to be breastfed.

The mother said, “I don’t feed him constantly. Nevertheless, when I breastfeed my first kid, who is now 19 months old, the younger one requests some as well. When nursing, the mother claims to have an especially close emotional bond with her children.

She therefore finds it completely incomprehensible why others respond to her activities with such animosity.

Although though Katherine does not know when her children would stop nursing on their own, she will not force wean them off of it: “I feel a bit terrible for those who write to me and tell me that I’m doing wrong.

It hurts to read the remarks made by women in particular. Breastfeeding oneself must make them feel extremely embarrassed since they find it nearly obscene. I hope that this soon changes.

A sign of life, care, and love, the nursing mother is one of the most exquisite pictures ever created by humankind.

Artists and sculptors have sung its praises.

Nevertheless, in reality, many people think that feeding a baby is a personal activity, akin to performing a vital medical treatment that calls for adhering to specific guidelines.