A girl without her legs became a talented athlete, proving that nothing is impossible


This 8-year-old girl you will meet is Paige Celandine.

She was born without legs, but because to her resilient parents, she never gave up.

Since her early years, they have had tremendous resolve in raising their daughter.

Even though Page was only 18 months old, they felt that she should take gymnastics lessons.

The girl is currently enrolled in the 4th grade at the Maysville school in Ohio.

As the daughter stated in an interview, the girl’s parents always wanted their kids to be fit and healthy.

She acknowledged that at early, particularly when she was different from other athletes, it was very difficult for her to overcome the obstacles.

After that, though, she overcame every challenge to succeed.

She became a very well-known champion in sports, of course, thanks to her tough coaches Sean and Heidi.

Esther Weibel, one of her trainers, recalled how she once referred to her as a “important element” of the team.

Consequently, everyone could see her talent and internal strength.

How was a newborn able to be so powerful and clever?

She now moves between grades while maintaining her fame by utilizing artificial feet.

Besides sports, she excels in mats because they allow her to move freely without the use of any equipment.

She can handle everything she wants to accomplish or enjoys since she is strong enough.

Amazing girl, what a talent!