A 7 kilogram baby was born. See how he looks 3 years later


Natalia, a Ukrainian woman, gave birth to a kid in 2018 who weighed just over 7 kilos.

The physicians were amazed at the birth of such a hero. The youngster, Kolya, is currently 3 years old. Find out what transpired to him.

Nikolai was also the seventh child to be born into the Dyadko family.

In the seventh month of her pregnancy, Natalia began to experience severe discomfort.

She immediately put on weight, and her legs were swollen, making walking challenging.

The baby was going to be big when he was born, but nobody had expected that.

The woman and child were born on the fourth day, despite what seemed to be hurdles in the way of the birth’s progress.

As soon as he was born, the baby began to nurse normally and ingest his mother’s milk.

Nearly four years have passed since the child was born.

His weight is not excessive, and there is no cause for concern, despite the fact that he appears to be a little bit larger than his contemporaries on the surface.

The curious fact that every child in their family is born heavier than the one before it is still true.

Before Kolya was born, there were seven healthy, strong girls. Incredibly, they started off at a mere 5 kg in weight.