A 14-year-old girl made her sister’s graduation dress. It worked out better than from the shop


Teenager Courtney Lutz, 14, already has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve with the rest of her life.

Courtney is now making her sisters’ gowns.

Lutz has been interested in design since she was young, but she hasn’t done anything significant.

When Mikayla’s elder sister requested the younger to make her prom dress one day, the younger agreed.

A drawing of a clothing that Courtney’s elder sister loved was displayed a few days later.

The girl then started working right away. The following is what Mikayla had to say about her prom attire: “This is the outfit I had imagined.

And it is my alone; it is unique. Many people wanted to know from what store I purchased such beauty.

She said, “Courtney did it.” Over the course of roughly two months, Courtney labored alone on the outfit.

However, the outcome was worth every minute of that wait.

The young Lutz stated, “The concept that I can make my dream a reality constantly inspires me.

Mikalya kept telling her sister, “My graduating attire is a gem.

This outfit has served as a significant source of motivation for Lutz to have a positive outlook on life and pursue her career goals.

Her three sisters are still available, so she may practice on their outfits.