13-year-old boy is adopted by a single dad after being left at a hospital


When they first met, Peter Mutabazi knew he would be Tony’s father.

Their narrative is a heartfelt journey through love and family.

Foster children can be abandoned for years and frequently endure extreme vulnerability.

But a surprising hero ensures that this endearing story has a happy conclusion.

Peter’s own youth in Uganda was challenging since he was raised in poverty and ended up living on the streets.

But after being saved and welcomed into a loving home, he understood his duty to return the favor and enter the foster care system.

While living in Oklahoma in 2017, Peter made the decision to explore fostering

He visited a local agency, but at first he was worried that, as a single man, he might not be a good fit.

Despite this worry, he registered and finished the required training to become a foster parent.

There, Tony, a boy who had previously been adopted but whose adoptive parents had left him in a hospital, was introduced to him.

They create the ideal father-son duo, according to Peter, who thinks their meeting was fated.

Perfect compatibility. A family that belonged together was ultimately reached after a difficult and turbulent journey.

To declare that day, he is thrilled. His citizenship in the United States has been established.

He has a sense of optimism, gratitude, and pride. The joy he feels after making such a long journey home and in his heart is simply beyond words.

He has a son in addition to acquiring a new citizenship.

Although he is just 13 years old, he speaks well of his new child, praising how brilliant and well-read he is.

He continues by saying that his son is funny, likes to ride his bike and explore new places.

He also likes to play video games.