The victim of bullying got gifts from her classmate. I worked so hard to hide my tears. VIDEO


We are confident that this touching tale of two students will move you deeply as well.

Good deeds have a way of melting hearts. When Haley Olson, one of the girls, was being teased at school for her appearance, the little girl decided to make her a present.

Seventh graders, they are. Haley attends Phoenix, Arizona’s Atkinson Middle School and has six other siblings.

Haley’s family wasn’t always able to give her the same things other pupils at her school had, such as trendy clothing, shoes, or other items.

However, Haley is now isolated from her friends, and it’s a sad truth that people their age experience this all across the world.

She considered homeschooling for a while since the trauma of the bullying was so severe, but then a lovely classmate entered her life and drastically improved things.

Mariah Andrew went out of her way to assist Haley since she could see how heartbroken she was and it made her feel terrible too.

She obtained information about Haley’s clothing sizes from her and put together a variety of outfits, shoes, and a backpack for Haley.

She claimed she tried her best to contain her tears because she was so pleased for Haley and was so anxious to give her the present she had planned.

Haley claims that Mariah impacted her life and had an influence that she could never have obtained via money since she couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

They are now the best of friends, and after hearing their tale, other people arranged other presents for her, which she was overjoyed to receive.

You can see more of the details in the film and learn more fascinating details about them in the video above.

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