The bus driver observed a thief assault an elderly woman. Look what he did


If you see someone being attacked or trying to steal something, you must phone the police or other emergency services right once and, if you can, try to aid the victim.

It might be difficult to defend against thieves since they can attack anybody, anyplace, day or night.

Prime targets for them include the elderly and those they perceive to be the weakest; luckily, these criminals do not always get away with it.

An elderly woman was being robbed by a criminal as a bus driver from the Hungarian town of Miskoic was traveling along his usual route.

The woman was tenaciously attempting to protect herself with her cane as the robber attempted to take her handbag.

The bus driver, Zsolt Kis Károly, had observed the incident, but the thief had not.

The bus driver made a choice right away. He desired to assist the woman.

Therefore, he exited the bus and pursued the robber, which he fortunately was successful in doing.

Zsolt helped the astonished woman into her bus and contacted the police as the burglar hurriedly made off on his heels.

Afterwards, he said that he realized right away that he needed to step in.

“I noticed a young man slinking up behind the woman, and it struck me as a heist.

I had to intervene, but I couldn’t leave it at that. Fortunately, everything was captured by the bus’ cameras when I parked it, the bus driver said.

The events are captured on film by the bus’ security camera. It is provided above.

Thankfully, this brave driver got the job done right, and everything turned up well.