Happy and smiling toddler cracks up class while singing “Clap Your Hands”


Laughter can do wonders for your health and mood in this day and age when stress has become part of life. The pure laughter of a child is unparalleled.

Even after a bad day at work, it can quickly brighten your mood and make you happy.

A music teacher recently made the decision to play a song for her students. The toddlers were trying their best to listen to live music in their classrooms.

However, when she started singing, the instructor had no idea what she was about to witness. The music teacher began singing to her young students, who included both boys and girls, “clap your hands together.”

All of the kids got excited when she started singing and clapped happily to the beat of the song.

However, a young boy in a blue t-shirt became extremely excited. He was so taken with the song that he couldn’t control his innocent laughter.

The young boy cracked up with laughter whenever the instructor stopped singing. The teacher couldn’t stop laughing when she saw his innocent and heartfelt laughter.

She continued to sing and occasionally paused to assist the children in having fun. However, the youngster in the blue t-shirt could not contain his laughter.

The child became even more exuberant when the teacher once stated that she would travel faster. Because his laughter was so infectious, everyone else in the room began to laugh along with him.

The boy’s laughter, however, was the loudest. Children are innocent beings who can quickly become happy or sad depending on the circumstances.

However, their cries can also make those around them miserable, just as their laughter can make anyone happy.