Girl demands that a single father leave the restaurant with his crying baby; they later cross paths during a job interview


On a busy Monday night, Luisa entered the coffee shop, chose a seat with a view of the busy downtown streets, and ordered a standard coffee.

For her, the day had been dreadful. She wanted to find some time to unwind after the lengthy conferences and assignments with short turnaround times before heading home to check some paperwork before going to bed.

She placed her order on the table and gently whispered, “Thank you,” to the waitress.

After putting her iPad away, she drank some hot coffee and had a look around.

She then observed that a young child at the table across from her was looking at her with huge eyes and applesauce all over his mouth.

Her infant was playing with the meal whereas the guy was on the phone, and she believed he was a single dad.

Why else would he be nursing a kid in a cafe at 7 p.m. while wearing business attire and having his office bag nearby?

Luisa exclaimed, “Gross!” before turning her head away.

She hated infants. She found their continual sobbing and their intense desire for love and care to be unsettling.

However, it appeared that the kid at the table across from her was enjoying herself.

The infant started crying and her tears fell down her cheeks like a river as she turned around.

What a disaster, she said passionately. She was displeased to see that the dad was still talking on the phone when she returned to gaze at the table.

The very last things she wanted to hear after a hard day at work was a wailing toddler.

She yelled at the guy from her desk, “Excuse me. “Ask your infant to shut up! He’s sobbing too much, she yelled.

Before resuming the call, the dad apologized and made an effort to calm his infant while doing so. When nothing happened, she tol dthe waitress.

“Please give them another table! can simply discard them! Do something, remove them of my view, she commanded. But the waitress was powerless.

The waitress apologized and said, “Ma’am.” The only tables left, as you can see, are on the terrace, but the infant can’t sit there since it’s too cold. She said, “I’ll speak to the father nevertheless.

Luisa observed the man discontinue the conversation as the waitress spoke to him while approaching his table.

“I apologize. He appears to be drowsy and worn out. He’ll most likely calm down soon. I’m sorry for the trouble, the man said, according to Luisa.

Luisa’s rage was impossible to suppress. She went over to the man’s table and ordered him to get up.

The wailing toddler then threw up over her clothes, which enraged her even more.

The man said to her, “I’m truly sorry, I’m really sorry.” Please allow me to make it up to you.

This is crazy, she remarked. She stormed out of the cafe, gazing angrily at the waiter and the man, “I’m leaving this place,” she shouted.

In the hopes that she wouldn’t run across the father and his son again, she never went back to the café.

After a year had passed, Luisa came across a charming man who shared her firm as a contract employee.

He possessed all the qualities she had always desired in a partner—he was charming, kind, and self-assured.

They quickly fell in love, and shortly after that, she found out she was pregnant. She informed her parents as soon as it was apparent, but they weren’t overjoyed.

Her dad scowled, “We don’t want that man engaged with you or our family.

Her mother told her, “Your father is correct. He is not deserving of you.

He doesn’t attend our class, and in terms of the infant, we may offer parenting assistance.

She was taken aback. She had anticipated that the news of her wedding would make her parents joyous.

They kicked them both out when they chose to move forward with their plans because the firm belonged to her father.

A few months later, when she was no able to pay the lease, she moved into Teodoro’s studio.

He was more than pleased to look after her during the pregnancy because he was working for a tiny private firm at the time.

They were ecstatic when the kid was born and realized that all of their work and sacrifices had been worthwhile.

Luisa thought it was time to hunt for a job, maybe a part-time one, because Teodoro obtained a second position.

She received an unexpected call one day inviting her to a publishing firm for an interview.

She was forced to bring her daughter Eva with her since she was unable to get a nanny on such short notice.

Since Luisa had always liked writing, she was really eager about the interview.

As she entered the space, she discovered she was the only one with a baby in tow.

When her name was said, the woman outside the interview room informed her, “I’m sorry you won’t be able to go in with her.”

She replied, “I’m sorry. “I can’t just leave her there.” Please be patient.

With a sigh, she consented. When she entered the room and saw the interviewer’s face, she stopped.

Although it had been a while, her good memory was unfailing, and she was certain that the man was the one she had been nasty to months earlier.

The guy inquired, gesturing for her to take a seat, “Do I know you? “You seem to know me.”

She hesitantly answered, “Oh, well. When we first met, your infant was sobbing in the cafe.

He grinned and said, “Ah!” “I can recall. Have a seat, please. I hope you are aware that babies are not often present during interviews.

Eva started crying before She could utter anything.

She experienced a lot of embarrassment and anger at that time. I’m really sorry. Oh, no. I reasoned that I couldn’t leave her at home.

He said, “May I?” She asked, perplexed, “What?”

Could I have a minute with her? I believe I can make her feel better.

Because she had nothing to lose, she agreed. The moment he began playing with Eva after handing her over, the young child stopped weeping.
She seemed to like you, Luisa said.

That’s not like her, I thought. The guy remarked, “I like infants. By the way, my name is Jonathan. I am the firm’s director and a single dad in addition.

Her tears were out of control. “I don’t know how else to put it, but I can’t just leave her alone herself.

I don’t have the finest financial standing, and if I can’t get her to work, I don’t think I’m the ideal person for the job.

I apologise. “No, nothing to worry about. Everything can be made to work. I want to interview you. Your profile caught our attention a lot. Please…”

She was employed after Jonathan had an interview with her. He informed her that the business provided a tiny daycare for its workers, enabling her to work while keeping her kid nearby and knowing she would be secure.

I’m a father, too, so I get that,” he remarked. Not to add, Mrs. Vidal, that at the end of the day, we all have issues to resolve; all you need to do is be patient and understanding of others.

Jon received a lot of gratitude from her. She not only found employment that day, but she also realized how important empathy is to peaceful coexistence.

As a single parent raising a boy, Jon was responsible for managing the majority of the firm’s tasks. All of that while retaining a remarkable human touch.