A mother in Australia gave birth to her second kid, who is one of the biggest babies in the world at 6 kg


Meet Lucas, one of Australia’s biggest newborns and a huge baby who weighs about 13 pounds (5.9 kg).

The delivery of the baby was rapid and painless despite his enormous size.

The child is the woman’s second child.

A year prior, she gave birth to her first child, who was also quite large.

According to her mother Nina Tassell, 38, her son was born so swiftly that they were unable to get to the hospital.

The woman claimed that she and her husband, Adam, were together when she sensed the baby was going to be delivered.

When the mom noticed the baby was pushing, they were already on their way to the St. John of God Hospital.

He was shoving so hard with his feet that they were running late.

Lucas made the decision to arrive in the front seat of their vehicle.

They will never forget that day when the devoted and bewildered spouse was forced to do the labor only in the automobile.

The most amusing aspect of the story is how Nina’s sister-in-law Sonya Anson arranged everything for the momentous day with her.

Sonya had to give her instructions over the phone after Nina contacted and informed her that their original intentions had changed.

As a result, the group was able to take care of the birth right away before the physicians arrived.

Additionally, when the newborn weighs almost 6 kg, it is regarded as a critical case and a dangerous birth.

The infant should be managed by the physicians during treatment.

Fortunately, the infant arrived healthily, and he is currently in good condition.