When the “dog” started consuming watermelons and growling at night, the market purchaser understood he had been tricked and was shocked


Buying a Tibetan Mastiff puppy was the realization of a dream for a man who lives in the country.

This is a rare breed, and those that belong to it excel at keeping their owners’ possessions safe.

My purchase was a purebred Mastiff, according to the seller of the puppy.

However, he became aware of an unusual situation after the new owner took the dog away.

He favored watermelons, but the creature chose to devour them, and it kept him up at night by growling sounds.

When he was traveling for work, a man by the name of Xu Yun purchased the infant in another city.

He made the decision to bring a present for his wife and kids.

The puppy started eating fruit in the second month of his stay with his new home, and he then started climbing on the paws’ structure.

They made the decision to place him in the backyard aviary, which was constructed.

The owner then focused on the weird noises the renter was producing. A visit to the vet was made by the man.

The expert understood what was wrong right away. The veterinarian recognized that Xu Yun had actually been sold a bear and not a dog.

The youngster developed into a sizable bear and was given to a wildlife conservation organization.

The animal nevertheless had the appearance of a cute puppy, making it incapable of surviving in the wild.