Three siblings were able to survive in 16 different foster homes before being adopted by the most loving father ever


These three children’s lives have been drastically transformed by their father.

These kids have actually been in foster care for a very long time.

They had previously been able to grow up in several foster homes and families, which had given them a wealth of experience.

Nevay was nine years old, Willis was six, and Mikel was four.

The kids were close together, they had moved from one place to another 16 times, and they were completely dependent on one another.

They have always maintained their unity and mutual support despite everything.

When a guy by the name of Darryl learned about these kids, he was unable to stay impartial.

Because his own kids had given him their blessing, he made the decision to realize their greatest wish.

Man has continued to consider them ever since that day. The desertion of these children greatly hurt this dad.

He had always said that since he had had so much in life, he ought to return the favor.

He had done a lot of charitable work throughout his life. His life’s motivation primarily came from this.

His attitude toward his possessions has never wavered.

In order to ensure that these kids are happy, don’t reflect on the past, and have a bright future, he determined to do all in his power to fulfill those goals.

Even though their early years were challenging, this kind man wants to improve their lives in any way he can.

The new youngsters Daryl has are definitely enjoying it.

Simply put, he is a fantastic parent who sets a tremendous model for others who support foster kids.