The heroic guy jumped from the bridge from a height of 7 meters to rescue the little girl


On the Assawoman Bay Bridge, US citizen Onatan Bauer was strolling beside his daughter, who is 13 years old.

They saw the collision involving five vehicles. A automobile that had been thrown over the traffic barrier was still hanging over the sea.

The little passenger had flown off the vehicle and plunged into the ocean.

Therefore, the courageous Onatan was unable to remain unmoved and reacted as quickly as possible.

He subsequently related that the little girl was attempting to struggle while lying on her back on the seat and had water all over her body.

Fortunately, her head was above the water’s surface, allowing her to maintain her buoyancy and avoid drowning.

There were no boats in the area where the man was trying to find one.

Onatan thus leaped over the bridge at a height of seven meters before diving into the water and swimming toward the infant.

She had an open mouth and closed eyes. The infant was snuggled up to my shoulder as I vigorously rubbed her back.

She started coughing after a brief period of time, let out some water, and then took a deep breath, according to Onatan.

The guy handed the young child over to two rescuers. The young woman was brought to a hospital in Baltimore.

Fortunately, she was released after two days and is now safe and sound with her family.