The bride’s tearful wedding dance. They performed a really unique dad-daughter dance for her even though her dad wasn’t present


The only people we need in life are occasionally our parents.

Yet, they are regrettably not always present to offer support or be by their side on special occasions for a lot of people.

The story of Andrea’s wedding and a particularly poignant moment is told here.

More than 31 million people have seen the footage of her wedding that was uploaded to YouTube. It deserves that a lot, too.

The tale of Andrea was both unique and heartfelt. With their closest friends and family members, a very unique dance was planned for her wedding.

After Mark, Andrea’s father, died away, her brother recorded “butterfly kisses,” and he described how he came up with the song in the video below.

Instead of a Father and Daughter dance, she performed a dance with all of her friends and relatives.

That was undoubtedly a memorable event for her and a heartfelt one. Mark’s father led the way for Andrea’s debut dance before being joined by others.

Her life has thus been that, and she is unable to alter it. Everyone is in tears as this is one of the most emotional wedding moments of all time.

Enjoy the touching scenario in the video below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it—we’d really appreciate it!