In this family, newborns are given a hairstyle right away


As is frequently the case, newborns are either born hairless or with sparse amounts of hair on their heads.

But, there is one UK family whose newborns get a true shock of hair.

At first look, the Shelton family appears to be one of Northampton’s most common families.

Yet, they quickly rose to fame throughout the British Isles as well as in their homeland.

George and Stanley, Shelton’s two kids, were born with thick and long hair on their heads, which is a highly unique characteristic.

The medical staff had to ask for scissors in the delivery room when George, the oldest son, was delivered.

Because of the length of his hair, which reached the tip of his nose, the baby’s eyes were entirely obscured.

His hair was growing so quickly, though, and that was the most intriguing development.

George alone had been slashed three times in the first six months of his life.

The child really disliked getting a haircut, though, so that is the one drawback.

The master was so shocked when the youngster was brought to the barbershop for the first time that she requested if she might snap a photo of him. Among young children, she had never seen hair so long.

George’s sibling died when he was four years old. What do you believe, then? Also quite hairy was young Stanley.

And when he was two months old, his hair began to grow straight and just vertically.

It “feels like he got electrocuted,” as the family’s father puts it. In order to soothe the infant down, the mother must gel-style their hair. .

She just won’t be able to remain on his head,” his mum joked.

According to doctors, heredity is the reason why children have such hair. as both of their parents have swiftly growing, thick hair.