How an 11-year-old kid was able to rescue a 2-year-old girl’s life makes him the hero of our time


Sixth-grader Ilmar is a boy. On the street, he was strolling alongside his companions.

A large and deep ditch was excavated not far from the road, a location that had long frightened the inhabitants due to its high level of risk.

Two females were standing close by and hurling stones at it, the youngster saw.

The oldest fled swiftly when they were summoned to the residence, but the youngest did not.

The little kid saw that the child had left and that the only thing still on the ground were the child’s slippers.

The man plunged forward into the murky water without any hesitation. He succeeded in lifting the youngster up by grabbing her.

Happily, things worked out alright, and the girl was taken home.

Ilmar kept his parents in the dark about his actions; they found out about it through their neighbors.

This unfortunate ditch was soon blocked off, preventing anyone else from entering there.

He is a really bold, sympathetic, and amiable youngster. Ilmar makes the decision to become a surgeon at the age of eleven, when he is already considering his future career. in order to keep saving lives.

The hero was then presented with a tablet and a diploma that said, “For the saving of men.”