Happiness is in their hands: the wonderful and moving story of a baby who was saved and weighed 268 grams


You will cry hysterically reading this heartwarming tale of a little, adorable infant.

The tiniest baby ever born in Japan three years ago, measuring 22 cm in height and 268 g in weight, entered the world quite early.

The cutest little boy was thankfully released from the hospital just 5 months after his birthday.

He recovered enough for him to be placed in his parents’ loving arms thanks to the specialists’ ongoing care and nursing.

Consequently, the adorable infant gained 3,238 grams and became the tiniest boy in the world, who was then returned home in good health.

Although no one thought the preterm baby could survive, as the doctors themselves stated, it was truly a miracle.

The entire team was so delighted when the infant started to develop day by day and was given the moniker “mini-miracle”.

She was always praying in the hopes that a miracle would occur, as the mother of the cuteness said.

She acknowledged that it was the most difficult time of her life since she and her spouse were expressing their feelings so openly.

They developed more sensitive personalities and experienced a range of emotions as a result.

Every time, they would think of the baby.

Fortunately, the infant was saved, making his mother the happiest person in the world.

As she put it, her miraculous boy was the light she could now see.