Dad made the son’s bag out of his own hands because he was unable to buy one


It is still highly expensive for parents in certain nations to send their children to school.

However, equal access to education and the right to study should be granted to all children.

The first step toward a promising future is education.

Over 60 million young children reportedly do not attend school, according to the UN, which is pitifully high.

This propensity results from a society that cannot afford to provide its children an education.

Small children have often had to work for their daily meals when they were very young in various parts of the world.

Since they start working for their families at a young age and share care and duty, they even lack the time for schooling.

Some youngsters have younger siblings, and because their parents are usually working, they are responsible for looking after the older ones.

The protagonist of this narrative is only an illustration of how his parents placed a high value on education, despite their lack of funds for a school bag.

A recent demonstration of the materials used to construct one of his student’s backpacks was given by a teacher in one of Cambodia’s schools.

The father’s decision to make his youngster a handmade backpack is admirable.

According to the mother of the little child, a basic bag starts at 30,300 riels, or $7, in the area where they live.

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