Before a stranger gave her a car, a single mother begged for rides to the doctor for her son who had a brain tumor


Nikole, a single mommy, had her son Canyon not long after finding out something wasn’t right.

Canyon had terrible vomiting during his infancy, and his eyes moved erratically.

He had an especially huge head. However, despite Nikole’s expressed worries, physicians advised her that she was simply worrying too much.

But the single mother of 23 had been right all along. He was seriously ill.

He had a brain tumor that was incurable, and the disease had spread to his spinal cord.

Since then, he has had at least 6 operations.

Nikole made the decision to give up her own apartment so she could return to living with her parents and give Canyon her undivided attention.

The young mother by herself faced yet another enormous obstacle: she lacked a vehicle.

In order to bring Canyon to his important visits at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, which was over two hours away from her house, she had to rely on others.

Canyon has chemotherapy appointments that he just cannot miss, so Nikole was left pleading with her relatives and friends to take them there and back.

People in Nikole’s neighborhood began to hear about her experience, including Paul.

The Eli’s Leukemia Fund was established by him after his son Eli passed away from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

This organization aids families whose kids are facing cancer.

He was so moved by the single mother’s situation that he asked his donors and volunteers for assistance.

He contacted Cynthia Mowery, a recent graduate of the police school, and she responded with a fantastic offer that may save their lives.