Astonishing miracle: twins born 87 days apart got into the Guinness Book of Records


Maria and Chris, the spouses, and their two children were all living contentedly.

The news that they would soon be expecting twins, however, caused their joy to double.

Their pleasure and love appeared to know no bounds.

The expected twins’ two siblings, who were also anticipating their birth, awaited them with impatience.

After learning about their twin sisters, a thought immediately entered the parents’ minds.

They chose the names Amy and Katy right away.

The infants drastically altered their plans by not showing up on the scheduled date, even though the delivery was scheduled for September.

The earliest child, Amy, was born in the middle of May.

The baby was totally healthy and developed regularly despite being born so many days sooner than predicted.

Only 500 g of weight was Amy’s at that time.

The second twin, Katy, however, waited until 87 days had passed and was already 2.5 kg in weight before deciding to enter the world.

Amy still weighed less than Katy even though she had put on a typical amount of weight throughout that period.

Everyone on social media was immediately drawn to these adorable sisters.

Due of the extreme gap in birth, they also established a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

They also started a fascinating custom in their household.

Each year, their twins have two birthdays. The twins’ unique days are each celebrated separately.