Along with her own litter of pups, the doggie manages to keep the orphaned newborn alive


Somebody deserted their newborn child in Chhattisgarh, during a late December night.

The child was so tiny that the umbilical chord was still connected.

The young child had virtually little chance of surviving without food or clothing.

Luckily, there was a litter of pups that had just been born to a nearby stray doggie.

The doggie took the infant over to where her pups were sleeping after discovering it in a yard, nude.

The frail infant was kept warm enough to survive the chilly evening temperatures because it was nestled next to the pack of doggies.

Local residents in the area finally noticed the child’s screams the next day.

They discovered her uninjured, sleeping next to the pups. In a sense, the canines adopted this discarded person as one of their own.

During a news interview regarding the find, an unnamed local said:

“It could have been the warmth of the mom and the pups that had preserved this baby alive. Typically, nighttime temperatures drop. It’s her sheer luck, I have to admit.

While stray doggies may be viewed with suspicion by some, these puppies cared for the newborn more than her own family did.

Dogs’ Amazing Miracle

It’s amazing that this newborn baby lived outside in the cold because newborns need continual care and attention.

It’s possible that this daughter would not have survived if it weren’t for the care of the stray doggie and her pups, even if other villagers were eager to assist after they discovered the youngster.

Munnalal Patel, a local spokesperson, stated that the locals were horrified and disturbed by what they discovered.

“We discovered a newborn baby girl sobbing and sleeping next to pups in our village about 11 o’clock in the morning.

Before the infant was sent to the hospital for more testing, we feared the worst and notified the health authorities.

The infant (now known as Akanksha) was eventually referred to the ChildLine Project, a charity that aids children in need, when police learnt of the circumstance.

Police are still looking for this child’s horribly abandoned parents. According to Premnath, a local:

They are criminals; they are not parents. Only miraculously can you find a newborn infant alive when street animals are occasionally heard howling in the depths of night.

We are very fortunate that animals, wandering or not, have a natural tendency to aid humans.

Undoubtedly, that truth is what gave this infant her life.