After missing for three days, a 3-year-old kid said that a large bear kept him warm. Can it actually happen?


The photographs of Casey Hathaway, a 3-year-old kid, when he went lost in the woods were all over the new channels in 2019.

When he was visiting his great-great parents in North Carolina, this incident took place.

As he was being searched for by hundreds of people day and night, the poor youngster had to spend two nights in the woods and endure the bitter cold.

Yet what was anticipated and hoped for did occur. Casey was discovered by their neighbor, who had heard cries coming from the woods.

When someone eventually discovered him, he was yelling for his mother and was overjoyed to see them.

But what the boy told her mother is what makes this story the strangest and most intriguing.

For two nights, he was kept warm and protected by a cuddly bear, he claimed.

Most of them don’t believe that a three-year-old youngster just said that, which startled everyone.

Only his mother asserts that if he claims to have been with a bear, that fact must be true.

The fact that he is safe now is what matters the most to them since, after the third day, they lost hope and began to believe the boy wouldn’t be able to make it very long in the icy woods.

Nonetheless, this is still being spoken about.

The area is highly comfy for bears to dwell there, according to experts, thus the boy’s claim may be true.

In the video up above, you can see more information about this enigmatically-written yet ultimately joyful tale.

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