A freshman is teased for wearing the same outfit every day before two football players come to his rescue


Michael started his freshman year of high school in 2019 at MLK School in Memphis, TN, but tragically, things did not go right for him right away.

Every day, he was made to wear the same outfit. When his classmates saw, they began making fun of him.

He said to KTVI, “I truly don’t have clothing at home.

I’m growing too quickly for my mother to be able to purchase me clothing.

Peter endured bullying and ridiculing from his classmates for three weeks in a row.

Then one day, Kristopher Graham, an MLK Prep football player, noticed that he was still the target of jokes and made the decision to intervene.

He texted his buddy and pal Antwan to ask for assistance with his covert strategy.

Michael is removed from third period in the video below, and he is instructed to enter the corridor.

As he notices Kristopher and Antwan waiting for him, he becomes frightened and freezes.

At the end, the two football players have a surprise for Michael, and he is so appreciative of them for their kind hearts that he breaks down in tears.

He had no idea that two other pupils would go to such lengths to help him feel at home at school.