23-year-old Kristina has 11 children and is wants even more


Consider for a moment having eleven infants instead of just one or two, all of whom are crying, crawling, and need your constant care.

Difficult? However, Kristina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, is so pleased to have so many kids that she is considering having even more.

We’re going to tell you today how a young mother became a mother, how it happened, and how she manages her family.

When Christina was 17, her daughter Victoria was born, marking her first motherhood experience.

Sadly, though, the mother’s connection with the baby’s dad did not work out, so she remained a single mum.

On vacation, she met the man she is now married to, and her life was forever transformed.

She said that they fell in love immediately and that the man later asked her to marry him.

The couple made the decision to have several children since they both love kids very much.

Every youngster is almost the same age, as you may have observed.

The couple decided to use surrogacy since it is not possible to give birth to so many children at once.

They are still Christina’s children even though she didn’t give birth to all of them.

The mother intends to have another child.

Her husband makes a good living, and he always makes sure that his family is well taken care of and that everyone’s needs are satisfied.

They also have nannies and assistants at home, and he helps Christina with the chores himself.

Christina claims that because she and her husband split chores, they always spend the weekends together and everyone has time to recuperate and play with the kids.