Woman and neighbour’s donkey, who instantly became best friends, ended up saving each other


After moving to Virginia, the first neighbor Shelby Han and her husband met was Jenny, Sweet donkey.

She, as they later found out, belonged to their neighbor, but the point is that it was much more than just a meeting. An inexplicable bond was born between them instantly.

“When I first met Jenny, she approached me without hesitation. The next time I brought carrots for her and we immediately became friends. – said Han.

A few days after moving there, Han’s brother died and the thing is, she couldn’t travel home because of COVID. It was incredibly difficult for her and at that time the donkey came to her aid.

That’s when they started getting closer. When Han came out of the house and sat there, the donkey would go and put her head on jer, as if listening and understanding everything she said.

It helped Han a lot. : “It seemed that when I was with her, she was able to absorb all of my pain, as strange or crazy as that may sound to many. As soon as she saw me, she shouted and ran to me. Even her owners always told me how much their donkey loved me.”

Therefore, their bond grew stronger day by day and eventually they became best friends. Everyone was amazed at how much they loved each other.

A year later, another tragedy struck when she miscarried. After a very short time, Jenny also lost one of her owners.

It was a very difficult time in both of their lives, so the two best friends had to find comfort in each other again. It was then that Jenny’s other owner made a decision.

“He asked me if I would keep her because we were very close to each other and of course I gladly agreed.”

From that day on, Jenny officially became a member of their family and settled right in. It seems that she had lived there all her life. She is also very interested in other animals,” Han said. “She doesn’t forget to hug me every day when I come to talk with him.

Of course, she continues to scream when she sees me. I’m so grateful that we have each other through these really tough days and help each other overcome all the hardships.”

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