While on vacation 75-year-old Cher has been captured by paparazzi being without make-up


her, who recently went on vacation, became the center of attention of the paparazzi.

The thing is that the famous artist was photographed without makeup, which is very unusual for the users of the social media, because they are not used to seeing their favorite artists in such a way.

As it turned out, the singer was without makeup that day, because she dived into the water.

Of course, we do not think that it would be logical for someone to wear a fancy evening dress in such a place, but the public still had certain questions.

As seen in these photos, the beautiful singer took a trip on a small white boat during her adventure tour.

She was wearing very nice unusual clothes with a bright colored shirt. Her fans, as well as many users, seeing her photos, are most concerned about her aging.

According to her fans and many followers, their favorite singer looks completely different in real life. In addition, according to them, Cher is practically unrecognizable because they have always seen her with make-up and gorgeous dresses.

However, to many, Cher is still incredible, uniquely gorgeous and beautiful despite her age, she still looks amazing, both physically and physiologically.

With or without makeup, she is the favorite star and ideal person for many.

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