Unwanted cat breaks into the police station and decides to accept an officer as his family


Puppies are well-known to police forces all across the world; we can’t say the same about cats.

When a stray cat entered the Columbia Police Dept’s building and demanded attention, events for the Columbia, South Carolina, police force altered.

According to the police dept, the cuddly feline came to CPD West Region to complain that there were too many doggie photographs on the website and that we should also show cats some love.

The cat decided to make everyone’s day easier with a few random hugs, demonstrating that getting along with him wasn’t difficult.

He pretended to want to be cuddled by every officer in the station.

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Meet Kingsley, the charming cat that infiltrated the Columbia Police Dept undercover.

It was obvious that he wanted to take a picture with each employee in the division.

He is seen here taking a selfie with an officer while posing for the camera.

In addition, he cuddled with them on the way to work to make it easier for them.

An cop volunteered to be his permanent fam after failing to locate his owner.

Officer Brandon Montgomery, who provided him a permanent home, is seen with him here.