This sweet baby stole many hearts by her reaction to her parents singing in a car


We would like to introduce you to Yona and Nina Tokayer, who share a love of music and singing. The lovely couple got together in Israel’s Tzfat.

They fell in love right away and it was love at first sight. They have always been together ever since, and singing is no exception.

They came up with the name “Yonina,” which is a combination of their names and the name their duo now goes by.

They sing covers of other well-known songs in addition to their own original compositions. In 2016, they uploaded their first video to YouTube together.

It was one of the most popular videos ever. They perform practically everywhere, and their family car is one of their favorite places to perform.

The couple has two adorable children, including an adorable baby girl named Ashira who appears in their music videos.

Their daughter stole the show in the 2016 video, where they demonstrate their incredible singing abilities. While her parents sang, the adorable girl was so sweet.

Throughout the performance, Ashira couldn’t stop looking at her father. She seemed to be getting happier every time her parents sang, and she just enjoyed the entire time.

The duo known as “Yanina” is now more well-known, and each day they acquire new followers. The adorable family video that won the hearts of many can be seen in the video below.

She touched so many people, and I can only imagine how proud her parents are of their ability to give their daughter such positive energy.

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