This orphaned elephant kid would rather be with people than other elephants


The elephant, Ndotto, was ready to meet his new family after being cared for by humans. This next step was crucial for the orphan, but would the elephants show him the love he needed to feel accepted?

In the wild, elephants are protected by their herds. Ndotto needed to make new connections with other species members.

The narrator stated, “Ndotto has always preferred to spend his time with people.” However, Keeper Edwin was persuaded that everything could change.

Ndotto would receive the compassion Edwin hoped for. The time had come, finally. When the other elephants who had become orphans arrived, Ndotto was with Keeper Edwin.

The following stage really depended on Ndotto. To start moving toward his new family, he would need to be brave.

The other elephants were eager to meet the newcomer, but Ndotto turned away at the last moment. In any case, the group of not entirely settled to assist the child elephant with associating with his new family.

The keeper’s witnessed a breakthrough after attempting to introduce Ndotto to the herd for an hour. This time, rather than fleeing, the young elephant leaned on the mother elephant as another female elephant approached him.

Ndotto made connections with the other orphans and began integrating himself into his new family with the mother elephant beside him.

His return to the wild has begun because of Embegoo’s extraordinary capacity to comprehend Ndotto’s requirements.