This mom had to protect her unusual name choice for her baby. People on internet were being so negative about it


Choosing a baby’s name is a very important and responsible moment in both the parents and the baby’s lives.

We think that most people will agree that it is their parents’ choice and that no one can choose a name for them.

However, the young parents had to defend their decision regarding the baby’s name when they ran into trouble on social media.

Bella Davis is an 18-year-old mother from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Her 20-year-old boyfriend Reason Robison gave their six-month-old daughter the name Polaris.

On July 7, 2022, the infant girl was born. This is when random strangers on the internet started writing things like, “The girl needs to be ready to be bullied,” and “It sounds like a disease.”

The name they chose was resented by their loved ones as well.

After receiving so many negative and unnecessary comments, Bella wrote, “A lot of people thought of the car manufacturing company, Polaris Inc, but I can’t understand why exactly.”

They thought it sounded similar to Polaris Inc. After Polaris was born, my sister started to like it a little more and has recently expressed her positive opinion about it.

After that, Bella mentioned that her mother eventually joined her sister and voiced her opinion. She stated that she no longer even reads the comments because she recognizes that they are merely negative and pointless.

Bella stated that they should simply respect her decision and scroll without writing anything negative if they disagree.

The couple doesn’t care what other people think because they are pleased with their decision and because it also has a special meaning for them.

They just said to be more upbeat, but if you can’t, just try not to make other people feel bad.