This man bought an island and searched for treasure there for forty years


Years ago, Bernard Grimshaw spent a lot of money to buy a small island in the Indian Ocean. His friends said that he was already tired of civilization. And for 40 years he secretly searched for pirate treasures on the island and refused to sell his land to an Arab sheikh for millions of dollars.

After buying the island, the man immediately moved to live there. The island was not that big, but it was enough for one person. In the first years, drinking water had to be brought from neighboring islands. He spent all his time improving his house.

He planted various trees there. So he became a hermit. He had information about the treasures of the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur. They are valued by historians at about 40 million dollars. So this man started to dig the island and soon it turned into a true paradise.

Out of boredom, the man attracted the birds to his island and provided a shore for the giant sea turtles that were hunted on all the other islands. It was only years later that he discovered what he really wanted to do, but no one knew whether he had found the treasures or not.

Currently, the island is under state administration. It was turned into a national park, and the search for treasures was simply prohibited.

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