This Golden Retriever becomes an internet star after adopting 9 newborn ducklings


He is so sweet and adorable. Fred, a Labrador Retriever who is 10-years-old, lives at Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, UK.

After giving birth to nine ducklings who had been left behind, he became famous for being a trustworthy and friendly dog.

The ducklings were left alone when their mother vanished. Fred assumed on the liability of really focusing on the ducks. In order to keep them warm, he curled up next to them.

These ducklings accepted their strange-looking new mom and climbed all over him because they could feel Fred’s gentle care and comfort.

They appear to fit perfectly on his back. After that, Fred watches over them as they swim in the moat. Additionally, whenever Fred is available, they nap on the lawn.

The staff at the castle hopes Fred will continue to pay such close attention to them for a few more weeks until they are old enough.

The ducklings will then be capable of independent living and prepared to begin a newlife on the castle grounds.

Labs are the very best. It’s odd that Fred adopted ducklings but didn’t have any more Labradors of his own. In any case, he did a great job, and he is now content to stay home and raise nine ducklings.

What an amazing dog! The ducklings go after Fred wherever he goes, and they stay with him throughout the day. incredibly wonderful.

Fred is pretty and a amazing foster parent as well! How wonderful! Bravo, Fred!”