This girl is the most beautiful bus driver in the world


This girl is only twenty-four. She lives in Great Britain and loves her job very much. So we present to you the most beautiful driver and how she chose her job. The girl’s name is Jodie Lee Fox, she started driving at a young age.

She was working as a nurse, but everything changed dramatically when she came across an ad for a job as a driver. Thus, she understood that this was her chance and that it was exactly what she needed.

She loved this profession from an early age and always liked to sit next to the driver, and now her dream has come true. As a driver, the girl adapted quite quickly, now she drives not only buses, but even luxury limousines.

She had very good external data, and everyone suggested that she do modeling, but the girl said that this was the only work that attracted her.

Of course, there are different things, the comments of passengers are not always flattering and pleasant, but the Englishwoman does not even think about leaving this job, she thinks it is her vocation.

She also wants to break stereotypes about female drivers. She had to pass very difficult exams but she passed.

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