This Boy Was Rejected Twice By His Parents Because Of His Looks


This guy named Jono Lancaster will be in his forties. He was born in England. He was different from other children because he had a genetic condition that affects the development of facial muscles, causing certain parts of the face to deform.

He was told that his face looked like a birdman because all parts of his face were deformed. His parents abandoned the child and sent him to an orphanage because they did not want to take care of such a monstrous child.

However, he was very lucky. Two months later, a woman came to the orphanage to adopt a child. So this woman raised the boy with the same care as her own child and gave him a peaceful and happy life. Although he was abandoned by his biological parents, he grew up with a caring mother.

In addition to his disfigured face, he also had other health problems and the saddest thing was that strangers and classmates made fun of him. Even though he knew his parents had abandoned him, he wanted to know his biological siblings. He found them but was again rejected.

Regardless of all this, he worked hard to build his career. He did various types of work.

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