The stray pups were seconds away from crossing the busy road, when the kind woman noticed them


Huddled on the sidewalk, the pups hoped that someone would finally see them and come over to help.

Eventually the pups decided to cross the road and at that very moment a woman noticed them and rushed to help. She approached the little dogs and took them away from the busy road.

She then contacted MeDay Rescue, and when they arrived, the hungry pups happily the help of the rescuers. They quickly placed the puppies in the back seat of the car and set off for the shelter.

They were very smart and sweet. They seemed to feel that they were in very safe hands and that was what they had been dreaming of.

Finally, the danger was over and the puppies were saved. They were named Kona and Oscar and in no time their personalities just started to shine.

They were both very sweet and smart and thankfully recovered quickly from their ordeal. And it was not surprising that many candidates were already waiting for them to take them home.

To the little ones, baby Kona was the first to find his perfect family. A few days later, Oscar also went to his new home, where everyone just adores him.

We are so happy that they are both in safe hands now and will not have to stay on the cold streets anymore.