The shop owner provides his cats with a glass roof so they may see him throughout the day


Although being continually observed might sometimes seem unnerving, knowing that at least one person finds your life to be utterly fascinating is somewhat comforting. Kittens are insatiably curious.

One store owner has added a special feature to his business and has completely accepted his kittens’ devious natures in order to give his kitties the best experience as spies.

In the space above the shop’s roof, the owner has built a tiny “attic” for his cats to hang out in.

But what truly sets it apart is that he also replaced a couple of the ceiling panels with glass tiles, providing his cats with the ideal vantage point from which to observe the company and everyone within.

The felines are free to lounge around in the attic and may keep a careful eye on everything that occurs in the company.

They serve as miniature fuzzy CCTV cameras and are on the lookout for any amusing action on their watches.

The sight from below is both hilarious and unnerving, and we can only imagine the astonishment some naive clients may feel when they suddenly discover that they are being watched.

You don’t go buying every day and get the side-eye from a hovering cat, after all.

In return for their vital assistance as security precautions, the cats just want for one straightforward thing: to be fed on schedule.

Regrettably, they sometimes have to wait a few seconds or even mins for their food, which naturally pushes them to wreck their home in order to correct their master.

completely understandable Overall though, it appears like this adorable little arrangement is operating without a hitch.

The company is safe, the kittens are happy, and the customers are pleasantly surprised thanks to Twitter and the internet in general.

We think that implementing this charming and modern security system should be considered by all shops.