The puppy that once lived in the garage has finally been saved and can’t stop hugging the volunteers.


The little puppy lived in a garage behind an apartment building. He was also sick and needed help.

The thing is that during that time the residents of the building always threw unnecessary things there without knowing that there were a furry resident.

The dog, whose name was Chowder, was already used to such a life, but he still hoped that one day a miracle would happen.
And so it really happened…

It was a rainy day when suddenly a kind man noticed Chowder and came to help.

At first he thought the puppy would not let him approach; however, he was simply amazed when he saw how the dog immediately began to trust him.

He quickly ran to him as if to greet after which he started to feed him and also gave him some water. The dog was so happy that someone finally noticed him.

The man then called Stray Rescue to ask for help for Chowder, and one of the volunteers immediately came to take him.

The sweet little boy also trusted the volunteers, because he realized that they only wanted to help and would not harm him. So they successfully moved him to a shelter.

He hugged one of the volunteers all the way, as if thanking him with all his heart for rescuing him.

When the boy camt to the shelter, he opened up even more, who was so happy to be saved that he didn’t stop wagging his tail.

After being checked by the veterinarians, he was diagnosed with a severe eye infection sp they immediately started the treatment.

After a little recovery, he was already sent to his temporary home. He is just a wonderful dog, a very polite and loving boy who is always very grateful for everything.

Now he lives in perfect peace and love, enjoying every moment of his new life.

Once the baby is fully recovered, they will begin looking for a permanent home for him.

We want to wish this incredibly kind and sweet boy to find the best owners.

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