The poor raccoon kept jumping up and down so that someone could notice him and come to his aid.


There was a little raccoon left in the camp in California that needed help.

It already seemed to him that no one would come to his aid and he would stay there forever.

He tried many times to get free, but it didn’t work. Soon he noticed a camper and began to wonder if he could help.

At that moment, the raccoon began to jump, probably trying to attract attention and show the woman that he needed help.

The woman, whose name was Christine, is an animal lover, so seeing how the raccoon was struggling, she could not be indifferent and rushed to help him.

“Of course, I was a little confused at first. I had seen how raccoons could jump, but I realized that this one really needed help because he was having really a hard time.

“He just couldn’t get out on his own, but he kept trying.”

She quickly approached to lend a helping hand to the poor animal, which was still jumping up and down for several minutes.

“When he saw me, he looked straight at me and did a half-jump, as if to say he was really trying, but he really couldn’t do it on his own.”

Then the woman found objects for the raccoon to use as a ladder, so she took a plastic sign, but it was slippery.

Then at last he found a limb of a tree with branches, by which the raccoon was soon able to climb to safety.

Thanks to the kind woman, the raccoon finally got out of there and was so happy and thanful.

Soon he was back in the wild where he belonged.

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