The orphaned kangaroo just can’t stop hugging the kind woman, who gave her a second chance at life


That day, Tis Foy was running in the subrbs of Perth, Australia, when that happened. She kept her eyes on the side of the road when suddenly she noticed something strange.

There was a little kangaroo in the forest probably crying for his mother. Foy decided to approach him and did her best to make the animal trust him. At first the kangaroo was afraid of her and when she approached him, he immediately “disappeared”.

So Foy began to worry and it seemed that she would never see him again. However, soon the kangaroo appeared again and eventually she managed to win his trust.

The tired and hungry kangaroo probably began to understand that Foy, who was also a wildlife carer, would not harm him and was there to help him. So he soon let Foy come closer to him and even began to relax in her loving arms.

Foy decided to take him home because he needed warmth and care. The thing is that kangaroos live in theilr mothers’ pouches for the first 6-9 months of their lives, so the baby, whom the woman named Archie, needed his mother’s love and warmth.

Fortunately, Foy felt very comfortable accepting the woman as his adoptive mother. The kind woman hugged him and brought him close to her chest so that he could feel calm and safe. She gave him all the warmth he needed the most.

After caring for him for a while, Foy decided to contact Shane Williams, the head of Bridge Town Wildlife Rescue, who could help Archie get all the care he needed before he was ready to go back into the wild.

Of course Foy was sad that she had to leave the baby, but she knew it was the best solution for him. At the sanctuary, the sweet kangarroo immediately made friends with other rescued kangaroos, which was just great and would make it easier for them to go back to their home”.

Now the sweet baby is flourishing day by day enjoying his life there together with other kangaroos.

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