The newborn twins, who didn’t realize they had already been born, refuse to stop hugging each other


These sweet twins you see on your screens have just been born and are waiting for your warm comments.

In fact, sweet babies don’t even realize they’re already in this world…it still feels like they’re still in their mom’s womb.

Using a special technique, their nurse places them in a bath with a soft stream of water from the faucet gently falling on the babies’ faces.

The point is that this is done to introduce the babies to their new environment and as surprising as it is, the babies are not that surprised by what is happening.

Instead of crying or panicking, they stay in a sweet embrace with each other until they start taking their first breaths of air through their little mouths.

The sweet little ones are finally starting to “walk” around, opening their little eyes to a new life.

They are so sweet especially when they start yawning, holding hands, stretching and enjoying the flow of water.

It is so rare to witness such precious things, the beginning of two new lives. These twin babies are truly a reminder of how precious and beautiful life is.

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