The man who almost lost hope of finding his beloved pet, suddenly received an unexpected call…


One of the hardest things for people is the loss of their pets.

They do everything to provide their beloved animals with infinite love and care.

Alan Wheaton, a 49-year-old life coach, has always been an animal lover being very attached to his pets.

After the loss of his previous pet, he was heartbroken. just then Jack Rusell came to his aid to share his grief.

From the very first meeting, they became inseparable.

“Everyone knows that he is my business partner because he is always by my side.”

But another tragedy struck when Mitzi, who was just 1 year old, was walking in the park with Alan when he started running because another dog was chasing his.

The man was looking for the dog day and night and it seemed that he disappeared from there instantly.

He was nowhere to be seen. Every day he searched for the dog with his wife and children, but in vain

“I didn’t want to go home, but it was already too late and we had to continue in the morning.”

It was unbearably heavy for him. He could not sleep for days, thinking only about his dog.

They put up posters with the dog’s photo everywhere, hoping that someone would see him.

When it seemed that there was no more hope, one day he was called and told that a dog had been seen in the area near the fox hole.

Starting to pray and believing that maybe it was really his dog, he quickly left the house, going to that place.

Seeing the man digging the hole, strangers came to help him.

It seemed unbelievable, but the dog was there. He carefully grabbed him and pulled him out of the hole.

Everyone was so happy for their reunion. The best part was that the dog was not physically harmed.

“It was like a Christmas miracle, after a long nightmare I couldn’t wake up from, I finally found him”.

Alan thanked everyone who came to help, so as a token of appreciation he promised them all a free session.

“We are so strong when we work together,” he said.

“All of this really restored my faith in humanity.”

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