The little cat with forever “worried” eyes has managed to take the whole internet by storm


Of course, we couldn’t help but introduce you to this sweet cat, who has already managed to win the hearts of millions of people with his indescribably sweet and beautiful face.

I think you will also agree that it is simply impossible to pass by him indifferently. Everyone loves this wonderful kitten.

So ladies and gentlemen, meet Bam, a cute kitten who has gone insanely viral on the internet in recent days.

The main reason for all this is his perpetually worried appearance, which immediately attracts the attention of everyone who sees him.

He was only 3 months old when he was brought to the shelter of San Diego.

They immsdiately noticed his crossed eyes, which combined with the color of the fur around the eyes, and gave the impression that the cat is always worried about something.

Courtney, who is from the San Diego shelter, said that the kitten gets shy when he meets new people, but once he gets to know you, he turns to a real love bug.

Most of all, he likes to cuddle and sleep under a warm blanket. He also likes to play with other cats, especially kittens.

He even helped many foster cats, spending time with the ones who were still recovering.
He is so sweet!

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