The husband requested a divorce after his wife gave birth to twins after many and tough attempts


Long-married and desiring a child, the Chinese couple had been together for many years.

They never gave up on getting a kiss from their baby.

The couple learned they would be having twins after several failed attempts and a protracted course of therapy.

No limits could contain their joy. The husband diligently planned for the arrival of his boys; he set up a nursery and purchased a ton of accessories and toys.

No indication of a problem was present. The infants arrived robust and in good condition.

An official birth certificate needed to be issued.

The need that the father submit to a DNA test is governed by Chinese law, and it is only a formality.

However, as a consequence, it was discovered that the man is only the father of one baby, the other being the child of another man.

The possibility of a woman getting pregnant with twins from two separate men has been acknowledged by doctors as being unlikely.

Naturally, the husband caused his wife a major scandal. He pushed for an explanation.

The woman made the choice to conceal the affair, claiming that her husband was unwilling to be a good parent to the kids.

She swiftly confessed, though, that she was seeing someone else. With his son in tow, the husband filed for divorce.

He won’t give his child up, but he also won’t rear someone person’s.

The mother is responsible for the second baby. Share with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.