The head of the cafe decided to test his employees in a unique way


People who are homeless are shunned by society: They are skipped over in an effort to avoid speaking to them.

They can even be rudely escorted out of a café or store, making it appear as though they do not notice them at all in public places.

Maria was employed as a waitress in a small Texas café. A man entered the room and sat down at a table during her shift.

The stranger’s appearance suggested that he might not be able to pay for his meal and was in dire straits.

Because the manager had made it clear the day before that if a waiter serves a customer who does not have any money, the cost of the lunch will be deducted from the waiter’s salary, and no one in the cafe looked at the homeless man.

Maria approached the table and said: Despite the warning. Maria is my name. Let me know if you need anything, and I’ll make sure you get it.

The man placed his order, paid for his lunch, and then left, leaving a $100 tip. Maria was as surprised by the note on the bill as she was by the occasional visitor’s generosity.

“Dear Maria, I want to convey my sincere respect for you. I can see it in the way you treat other people, and I also see that you treat yourself with respect.

The note, which was signed by the cafe owner, read, “You have discovered the secret of happiness, and your good deeds will be an example for other people who know you.”

It became obvious: A test it was! To see how the staff at the cafe would react to him, the establishment’s owner had pretended to be homeless. Obviously, Maria was unaware of this.

She did not differentiate between the guests of the establishment and acted morally.

Maria was promoted to manager as a result of the cafe owner’s appreciation for her actions, in addition to providing her with generous tips.