The gorilla took his last breath in the hands of his rescuer, who took care of him for 14 years…


The sweet gorilla, who instantly became famous around the world, was loved by everyone in the park.

The funny baby was always ready to be photographed in front of the camera and he liked it very much.

The gorilla lived there for 14 years. He was very young when he was found lying next to his lifeless mother in the woods.

Unfortunately, she died becaue of hunters’ bullets and the little baby was left all alone.

Noticing him, park ranger Andre immediately came to his aid, taking him to the national park.

Congo National Park is home to many mountain gorillas, most of which were rescued from the wild after being orphaned.

Here, almost everyone is similar to each other in their fate.

If they were left alone in the forest, they might not be able to survive without their mothers.

From the first day of rescuing Ndakasi, Andre was by his side, and from the very beginning they formed a very unusual bond that simply amazed everyone.

Ndakasi was well cared for and had grown up to be a very funny and happy gorilla.

During these years, he was cared for by a number of kind people in the park, including his rescuer Andre.

The thing is that 2 years ago, a selfie appeared on the Internet, which became viral within a few minutes.

Ndakasi and Andre’s beautiful selfie just captured the hearts of millions.

People especially liked the gorilla mood, which started having fun in front of the camera.

His joy and excitement was truly contagious. He was just showing how to enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, the gorilla got sick, which started to deteriorate his health.

He was already receiving treatment for a long time, but nothing helped him.

Most touchingly, he breathed his last in the arms of his best friend Andre.

It was a real honor for him that he had known Ndakasi and had been his friend for many years.

Their inspiring story will live on in people’s hearts for a long time and Andre will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have such a wonderful friend…

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