The couple lost almost 200 kg


We’re always driven by stories, which people get the best results from. This story is about a couple who managed to lose about 200 kg.

When Dustin was born he weighed five kilograms and it was obvious that he would be different from his peers during the school years. They teased him that he would never find a girlfriend. However, they were wrong because he met Rachel, the love of his life.

They were a very compatible couple and both loved to eat. However, after some time they were in critical condition as their weight exceeded the prescribed height. Overweight and obesity caused many difficulties for the couple. The most worrying thing was that she couldn’t have children.

So they resorted to surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach. They decided to review their diet and diet. Having achieved the desired result, they posted photos and quickly gained a large following.

Moreover, they eventually became parents, their daughter was born. They had also launched their food delivery campaign for those trying to lose weight.

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