The boy bursts into tears after learning he was adopted on Christmas Day


This story is about an eleven-year-old boy. At Christmas, he found out that he would eventually be adopted. After reading the letter with this news, the boy could not hold back his tears.

The boy’s aunt said that he lives with dysfunctional parents, and all his relatives know about it. So his relatives decided to accept him in their big family.

The boy had fun with his cousins, uncle and aunt. They gave her lots of gifts and wrote an emotional letter asking her if she wanted to be a part of their new family. Among the gifts, that letter touched the boy very much.

They said that they love the boy very much and want him to continue living with them. After that, the aunt said that the boy moved to their house because he could not live with his disabled parents.

They didn’t plan it specifically, everything happened in two days.

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